The Edge Workshops

The Edge
Short Courses & Workshops

Art Direction, Illustration, Typography, Laser Cutting, Photography, Stop Motion Animation

Design and creation of marketing collateral to promote The Edge’s Workshops and Short Courses.

The Edge regularly releases a round of short courses and workshops for participants to book into. While working at The Edge, Talia designed and created a set of designs to promote the upcoming release. Icons were illustrated, then laser cut on plywood. Talia then painted and assembled the pieces and photographed them. She also animated a suite of stop motion videos for use on social media and digital signage within the venue.

Photoshop Stop Motion
Podcasing Icon
Indesign Icon
Laser Cutter Stop Motion
Short Course Icons
Illustrator Icon
Hand Tools & Soldering Stop Motion
Creative Short Courses & Workshops Typography
WordPress Poster
Arduino Poster