Branding & Identity, Art Direction, Wireframes, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Print & Web Design, Illustration

Branding, Design, Development and Creative Direction for technology company, Levaux.

Levaux is one of the leading companies in industrial Internet technology, connecting devices and machines to each other and people. Talia was responsible for the creative direction and style of all Levaux graphics and cloud portal user interfaces. Talia worked with Levaux to develop a new branding and identity to be used on all of their products and collateral. Business cards, stationary, website and information graphics, were also produced. She was also responsible for layout and design of printed documents such as the company prospectus, and proposals.

Levaux Website
Levaux Prospectus
Levaux PCB
Levaux Prospectus
Levaux Business Card
Levaux Products
Levaux Website on Mobile